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Short Review of The Color of Compromise

I have viewed race for most of my adult life through the lens of my political leanings. Unfortunately as a white male I have simply listen to the voices of other white males. I believe that this way of viewing any issue including race is not only dangerous but destructive to others. It is important for the church to listen to their brothers and sisters of color. American Christianity has been swayed more by cultural politics than the politics of Jesus. This book is essential for the church in that it seeks to look at the issue of race not just through the lens of black culture but through events and facts throughout history.

Jemar Tisby a historian does a great job in showing how the issue of race has continued in our country because the white church has either participated in, or promoted racism directly and indirectly. The very idea that racism has continued because of the white church is a hard pill for me to swallow. Tisby does not make accusations in his book based upon his ideas or even politics but shows historical evidence where Christians over the past 400 years have been a part of this sin. Tisby ends his book by giving concrete ways the church can move forward in this area and practical things which the church can do to move beyond racism. I do not believe this book is the end all answer to the issues of racism but a good primer for the church who loves Jesus to begin the discussion and steps to look more like Jesus.

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